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I was playing this game late at night and it unnerved me in so many ways.

I love this game but try adding a little bit more horror and endings

Very cool in theory, but needs a bit of work. I ate a bunch of different fish and nothing really happened,, I only got any sort of reaction for 2 of the fish (out of like 20+). The red cube made me sink, but the game didn't end. Then I had trouble actually exiting, as the game sort of glitched out and alt-f4 wouldn't close it. This could be built up into a really great game, but what exists now seems like merely an unfinished foundation

I loved the game, it was very detailed and calming . I love the part where you can eat the fish, although I wish there was more to it. I'd love to get the man on the boat's number, but anyway. 50 fish out of wow. 

this was an interesting game.

Very calm game. It's bad that its very short, and it ends quickly. I tried all of the options and did everything possible, more in here would be appreciated. It just doesn't have an end. It doesn't feel like a psychological horror. I find it to be very calming to sit inside of a thing, and just fishing forever. I would recommend for you to expand this game in particular and develop it and add multiple endings.

Will be this on android?

is catching fish manual? becaue npthing is happening.


It would be cool if this was ported to flash/ and could be played in a browser.


The idea of this game as a psychologival horror is pretty good, but other than that, there's not much to it which can hold the attention of the player. My suggestions:

  1. There's no practical difference between the two buttons, unless you somehow catch the flesh cube. Make a hunger meter for the game, so there'll be a reason to consider our choices when pressing a button;
  2. With a few exceptions, there's no practical difference between the cursed fish as well. Make each one of them affect the atmosphere differently, and don't make the changes happen suddenly. Make a slow build-up for shit to get mental;
  3. Make an end for this game, and I thinkthe best would be for such a game if there were only game overs, but without the player knowing it.

I Tried The Game. And I'll Give This Game A 7 Out of 10.Link To The Video

the download wont work

Gave it a go...

Thanks for the weirdass game. I have no idea what the goal was but I did a thing I guess, lol. Here's my Twitch playthrough.

Well, I had fun playing overall but I got really bored eventually. It was too repetitive for me, and I honestly had no idea if the game even had an end to it.


Eat the cube of meat.

a wonderful day of fishing- 00:23

Love the game wondering there is a an end game to it because if the character was fully in the bloody water i could still fish

Very.... um.... interesting game. I do think the idea is interesting but there seems to need to be more to it. Something to keep the player more interested. Even though the video is only 7 minutes long, it's edited down quite a bit from about 30 minutes of me just clicking. Either way though, I like the concept and the original horror idea.

i love fishing bffs for fishing

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okay, seriously, how do you exit. I need to do school.

Edit: Had to restart my computer to exit. Likely won't be playing this game again because with all of the tabs I have open, it's inconvenient to restart my computer to exit a game. I pressed literally all the buttons on my keyboard and nothing happened, so I would recommend adding a way to exit. Or at least a more obvious way.


have you heard of "alt f4" ? it's a good way to force quit any aplication

I had the same issue and Alt F4 didnt help. Nor did CTRL+ALT+DEL. I had to manually restart. 

I think this game was incredibly interesting. Just a good creep factor that makes it so intriguing, and wanting to play to discover more. However, it began to grow repetitive and rather boring as you continue to catch the same fish and eating or releasing seems to have no impact on the game play. I actually got excited when it started raining, though I'm not sure if it was always raining.

More variety would be nice, and I also can't figure out how to exit the game, haha.

Nice to see something so unique, and so surprisingly calm yet disturbing.

Nice to see a bit different take on horror. A relaxing fishing game with a few suprises. You did this one really good Nicklives. 

I enjoying the slow gameplay and fishing experience. Cute and simple graphic. Good variety of fishes to catch even if they later comes back more often. The only thing i missed was some different sound in the background. The wind does a good job, but some bird sound or something to change it up would been nice too.

I gonna try out more of you games Nick. Really like what you did with this game. 


well i sunk into the red and the game kept going so yay

Deleted post

What an interesting game.. I think I became Aquaman? But I lost my eyes for a second.. I think I had fun fishing! 


What a delightfully unnerving game this was...

Hello, this is the second part of my gameplay. Please show some support. Thank you.

this game was interesting I had a lot of fun with it. I appreciate the undertones that run through it. Also I go a little sea crazy!

After playing the game and reading the description, I understand that the game is trying to explore loneliness and desperation to end the game by eating the red cube.

The concept of having background music as the sound of the waves at the sea sort of actually made the mood more calming and relaxing (to me). I was actually playing the game feeling quite relaxed and even after eating the red cube and watching the man sinking into the ocean, I didn’t really feel the part of horror in the game.

Personally, I feel that loneliness comes from the feeling when you are present but everyone treats you as if you were absent or invisible to them. I personally (to me) feel that the concept of feeling lonely is a lacking in the game because we are just playing as an old man fishing until we want them to stop by consuming the red cube. I hope that you can develop and build on the idea of loneliness.

Overall, this is a very interesting and good game that will attract many people’s attention. I hope to see more endings and a better version of the game in the future. Good job!


Idea was stolen without credit from Squidbiscuit on Tumblr.


Yeah, because fishing as a concept for video games has never in the history of man been utilized before this point in time. A cartoonist on Tumblr is the first human being to have even conceived of fishing.


This is a nearly 4 year old prototype I made back in late 2014. While the idea is incredibly similar, this is just a coincidence. Here’s a link to a post I made featuring the game on SA back in 2015:

Definitely one of the weirdest game i've played. The artstyle was nice, but i didn't rly get the point of the game or the "goal".  I know it's an experimental game but still, a bit of explanation would be good imo. But other than that it was a good game, simple and weird.  

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I actually liked the slow pacing and little creepy effects. This was a nice.... well it wasn't "nice" haha, Good game, I hope to play your future stuff! start time is 3:20

Really interesting!

This was really weird and uneasing for me.

Fishing + Hard Drugs = This Game!


Hey there, I recently played through the game and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it here. I'll just be quickly going over some things I liked, maybe some things I didn't and any bugs I may have run into during my time with the game.

I'll start with the things I liked. The art is well drawn and at times extremely creepy, like when the man smiles with a huge grin or has his eyes presumably gauged out, everything looks excellent. I'm going to give props to the overall simplicity of the game, I don't really know how to describe my other thoughts on it other than by saying that it's weird but I found it interesting. There's no story, no context, just a man and some weird fish...but that's okay, because I felt that enough happened where that you can interpret the individual meanings in your own way.

The only thing that I'll say that's bad about the whole experience is that I wasn't sure when it was actually over, and now that I write this I'm not actually sure if this is a bad thing or an intentional game design choice. When the man and his boat eventually sink, the player can choose to continue fishing and I assume that this plays into the concept of repetition that you were looking to create.

I don't think I ran into bugs throughout my play time, but I have no idea. 

This is a weird game, I don't even know what to rate it. It definitely succeeds as an experimental horror game and even as a psychological horror game, I wouldn't call anything that happens in it particularly "scary" but it sent my mind running wild, trying to figure out what exactly was happening at a given moment. In the end I just felt weird, uneasy and confused...but I'm guessing that's what you set out to do.

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play of my time with the game over on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


This is pretty interesting! I'd love to see something like this expanded upon. Maybe having more effects happen to the man? Overall, it was pretty unsettling! 

Great job!

This was a pretty cool little game.  I don't know if I did what I  was supposed to do, but I had a lot of fun.  Good job!  

Made me feel uneasy.

This was a really cool and weird game, i don't think I got the chance to complete it but I gave it a shot and was really happy with what I played. I may come back and do a complete play through of it if I can.

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