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We can't draw, but that kinda made it all the better XD

Random Scuffed Games #51

Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_tv

Wir hatten unglaublich viel Spaß im Stream. Ich habe mir extra die Mühe gemacht die Charaktere mit etwas mehr mühe zu Zeichnen und durfte somit Pepe the Frog als Sketchy daten. Nachdem wir von unserem eigenem Kind betrogen wurden welches mein Maskottchen war muss ich sagen - so viele Plottwists hatte nicht erwartet und die Tatsache, dass man sich das Spiel selbst absurd gestalten kann macht es einzigartig und absolut empfehlenswert. Die Story hat mich abgeholt und alles in allem war es einfach eine gute Zeit. Wir haben die Zeit auch mindestens 2 mal verlängert also hatte auch Chat Spaß.

Man muss aber sagen, dass es an einem Selbst liegt oder darauf ankommt mit wem man es spielt, ob man eine lustige Geschichte daraus formen kann oder nicht.


Dito: 4.8/5

Chat: 4.7/5

Gesamt: 4.75/5


I don't wanna pay


That horror tag scares me.

Although I can't draw I still very much enjoyed this game ^^ 


I knew banana would not let me down...


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yeah thats normal and stated somewhere official.



It's not like I expected much player character choice in a goofy short game like this, but as someone who is asexual, the fact that my character was all 'yo how dare u not consummate' and my cutie I drew even returned the ring pop I gave him- that hurted.  It's not like I ever wanted him to be the censor bar I drew in the first place.  I realize there are other endings but it's not like I'm about to redraw all those images again with the same level of detail- my Sketchy is gone. 

Wonder if he'll ever realize I didn't actually sign the papers.  Anyway, it was funny, but oof.  The ending I got was so awkward on the topic of consent and 'trying every night' and the PC seemed like a total jerk about it.  

It actually saves the drawings; no need to redraw anything.

Oh, huh.  I wonder why it didn't let me start a new game with the drawings then?  Well, I deleted the game a year ago so they're definitely gone now.  Thanks anyway :) 


oh my god she is so hot i want to eat a noodle of the spaghetti with the mama


Damn i wish I could afford it. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *auto tune baby cries*


me too ;-;


I laughed! But I agree with another person that more precision over the drawing tools would have been nice. I also would have appreciated getting to copy previous iterations of the Dream Date so I could just tweak the expression. By the fourth drawing in a row I was tired of it and drew something much less detailed than the previous ones 😔

I really can't draw at all but still had a lot of fun with it. 

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This was a hilarious game, made even funnier with my poor drawing skills. I think the idea of centering a narrative game around things the player creates has a lot of potential and should be explored in more games.

Thank you for bringing such a weird concept to life :)


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)

I had a lot of fun playing this game. It's a quick sit and it gets a little cringe at parts, but it was overall a very pleasant and funny experience. I wasn't under any delusions that I was going to draw anything good with a mouse (I attempted to draw an orange and ended up with an okay strawberry), so my sketchy was a slime with a bow. Made some of the more intimate parts really weird but that also lent to some of the charm of my play through. Here's a recreation of the five expressions I did. Excuse the image quality, my phone is a potato.
Slime Sketchy recreation link

Included in our review was Doodle Date!


​I had more fun than I expected playing this game! The narration was a little cringy, but I think it all played well in the story. I don’t know if there are multiple endings, but I feel like there could possibly be a couple of different paths, if not endings. The only real complaint I have is the controls. I wish I had more freedom over the “brush” to size it, and I wish it was anti-aliased. As a suggestion, I think this game might be really hilarious if it was developed more like a Mad-lib.


its good! worth the buy? i dont really think so... but thats only my opinion. also does anybody read these?





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Yes, even years after the fact.


Beginning of the game: Ha ha, make funny drawings
End of the game: Starting to tear up

Then the fruit shows up

Why did you do this to me?


I saw this game a while  ago on game grumps and decided to make my own video on it as well! I think this is such a cool concept and it makes me laugh.


It's pretty good! I'm just sad that there's no drawing tablet support. (Or at least mine didn't work?)


I don't know about wacom pens and things, but I just used a rubber tipped pen you can get from a bank or something with my tablet and it worked fine.

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just finished doing claire's route after doing sketchy's (i had drawn a character i self ship did i get sad at the end with the divorce :( )

this got some f-cked up shit but yaknow, love it xD 

tho i gotta say- damn did i get uncomfortable with MC when he(?) started spilling some bs with the sex situation. that was obviously intended to not be a very good mindset but oh boy sdhudfi i had a stroke at what was said/done to sketchy, wth, i wanna punch MC 


mario divorce in this one


The concept of drawing out an npc in the game is a great idea but the game needs more content. Feels like it should've been a funny lighthearted game but instead was trying to push some kind of weird deepness which felt a bit forced


What the heck did I just played. Well done!

Fun game to play with dear friends, best enjoyed as a group game experience. Multiple hands needed. Bring tissues.


I can't wait to buy this real soon! And it comes with a Steam key too? BASED DEV!