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You may have heard the phrase "ghost in the machine" before.  Little do most people know, this is true in the most literal sense. Every device has a living force hiding away inside it, a "ghost" if you will, and we have found a way for you to communicate with it.

Using the GOST program, you will meet the ghost in your machine, and discover it has a life of its own. Ghosts are often playful things, and love attention and interaction as much as any living creature. They even require sleep, and will tire throughout the day, so try not to bother them when they are resting.

To communicate with a ghost, simply speak to it! (Requires Microphone) Ghosts will often respond back in sounds you may not understand, but you may be able to deduce their meanings through tone and expressions. Your ghost may even have a few questions of their own, though their understanding of human culture is... somewhat limited.

Meet the ghost in your machine today!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorNick Lives
TagsComedy, Cute, Feel Good, Ghosts, relationship, Relaxing, Robots, Virtual Pet


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Love it ! How do i know it did listen ?

(1 edit)

Thank you! When listening, the GOST will usually make an inquisitive expression (one raised brow) to indicate they are trying to hear you. Usually their response will come a moment after that. If you continue talking though, they'll continue listening instead.